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Our Pick of the Best Tech Sites

If you’re an avid tech nut,and it’s pretty likely you are one if you’re reading this, you probably already have your favorites among tech websites and blogs, which offer daily tech news, gadget reviews and basically anything a tech-head might find interesting. It doesn’t matter if you’re an enthusiast or a professional, there is something […]


The Digital Darkroom: Free Alternatives to Photoshop

People are obsessed with photos. Proof? Just consider the fact that every cell phone has a camera, with some models crossing the 40 megapixel mark, and the popularity of Instagram. This should be a great thing: all this amazing imaging technology becoming cheaper and more accessible, allowing for all that talent and creativity to materialize. […]

The Most Exciting PC Hardware for 2014

2014 is shaping up to be one of the most interesting years in a long time for awesome hardware. For those of you eager to update the computing power of your man cave, we’ll skip the pleasantries and get straight to the point. Fasten your seatbelt and get that credit card ready! Gigabyte Aorus X7 […]

Nokia Lumia 720

Through the Glass: The Nokia Lumia 720

Being a hardcore Windows user and a bit stubborn when it comes to accepting changes, I’ve never really caught up with the whole Android craze, so the prospect of having a great Windows phone, with outstanding built quality and fantastic camera sounds really tempting. Enter the Nokia Lumia 720. To be honest, I’m a bit […]

AVG Antivirus

Top 5 Anti-virus Apps for Cell Phones

Viruses for cell phones are very similar to ones for PC. Many viruses are made to attack weaknesses in particular operating systems. Most viruses are hidden in email attachments, but some can be sent through a Bluetooth connection. Bluetooth devices can connect to any other Bluetooth device if it is within range. Of course, visiting […]